PHB Beautiful Skin Set Review

PHB Beautiful Skin Set Closed 1
Today I’m reviewing PHB’s Beautiful Skin Set that I mentioned in my First Steps to a Non-Toxic Life post. I was full of fresh excitement to start trying out more natural products but I have to say I did not pick wisely and my first foray into the natural beauty world has been a bit of a let down.

PHB Beautiful Skin Set Open 2
The kit itself came in a nice, eco-friendly cardboard box and consisted of a pressed foundation powder, finishing powder, pressed powder blush and a concealer stick, which was on sale at the time for around £35. I had decided to pick up this kit as I was looking for a paraben free face powder and concealer to replace what I was currently using, and this seemed like a good way to try a few different things and get a bit more for my money.

PHB Mineral Pressed Foundation

PHB Mineral Pressed Powder
The shade I chose was Fair and when the kit was delivered I worried that I may have picked a slightly too-dark shade. I tried using it anyway and unfortunately, the shade choice was not my main issue. I’ve tried to apply this using a couple of different types of brushes but the result is always the same – cakey and patchy, something I haven’t experienced since my very early days of first using makeup and applying it too heavily. Not only did I look like I had a full face of makeup, I could feel it sitting on my skin too, and on top of that I looked quite shiny within a couple of hours wear.

PHB Concealer Stick

PHB Concealer
The concealer stick was not much better. It needs to be warmed up before applying, which wasn’t really a big deal for me as it only takes a few seconds to do. However, this was another product that applied cakey and creased terribly under my eyes. It made my skin look dry wherever it was applied and drew more attention to the areas I was trying to conceal.

PHB Pressed Mineral Finishing Powder

PHB Mineral Finishing Powder
The finishing powder wasn’t too bad, although it doesn’t seem to do much. It slightly lightens my skin and looks a little bit powdery. It also has a little bit of fine glitter to it, which leaves me with a slightly glittery face. It’s not something I would choose to apply all over, I’d use it as a highlighter but it doesn’t really highlight effectively either.

PHB Mineral Pressed Blusher in Peach

PHB Mineral Blush
The blush was darker than I thought it was going to be and had a slight metallic cast to it, so I was nervous to use this. However, I was pleasantly surprised when it blended out to a peachy flush with a bit of a glowy sheen to it. The colour looks quite natural and can be built up for a more intense pigment. Unfortunately my disappointment with the rest of the products makes me less inclined to reach for this one.

Makeup has come such a long way over the years, and it’s so easy these days to find drugstore makeup that looks and feels fresh and light on the skin. Unfortunately my experience with PHB has left me a little nervous to spend more money on natural products for fear they may all feel and appear heavy on application.

I did however catch Emma Watson’s interview with Into The Gloss and have ordered a few bits on her recommendation in the hopes they will be better quality. Stay tuned for a haul coming soon!

Tell me, what were the first natural products you tried? Have you tried anything from PBH, what were your impressions?

Love Jenna