First Steps to a Non-Toxic Life

Paraben Makeup 1

The book Mind Over Medicine by Dr. Lissa Rankin really opened my eyes to how much the mind and your situation, environment, thoughts, and stress can affect your physical health. It’s a book I’d highly recommend and it was the exercises in this book that led me to realise I needed to help my body to heal itself by supporting its in-built detoxifying functions.

I knew an aspect of my life that had me coming into contact with toxins daily was my beauty routine. I’m a makeup lover, and even had a YouTube channel specifically dedicated to beauty products for many years. I had no clue about the ingredients that went into the products I was using, and even found myself thinking it a bit strange that other bloggers would sometimes post pictures of the ingredients list alongside a product review – how little did I know!

It can be overwhelming to try to overhaul everything all at once, not to mention expensive, so here’s my beginners baby steps into the realm of natural beauty products.

Step 1 – Research:

I sought out YouTube videos, blogposts and articles that focused on non-toxic products. There is a lot to take in, so rather than scaring myself into paralysation, thinking I had to change everything in my life all at once, I just made a mental note of a few brands that were recommended and a few of the more toxic ingredients to try and avoid.

Ingredients such as parabens, sodium laurel sulphate and perfume are a few that people mention most often as being toxic to the body in one way or another.

Paraben Makeup 3

Step 2 – Elimination:

Pick one or two ingredients that you’d like to stop putting on your body. For me that was parabens as they are one of the more toxic ingredients and are said to mimic estrogen in the body. Given my issues with endometriosis (you can read more about my story here), I figured cutting out parabens would be a good place to start.

Go through your makeup and beauty stash and make a pile of any products that include the ingredients you want to avoid. When I did this I found not all products had the ingredients listed on them so I referenced the EWG SkinDeep database as well as Googled the specific products to see what they contained. I was surprised by just how much of my makeup contained parabens, and gutted to find a couple of my favourites in that pile. But, my health comes first and luckily I had paraben-free versions of most of the items that I was now going to stop using. The only exceptions were my face powder and under eye concealer.

Tip! If there is a product you absolutely love, don’t feel like you HAVE to get rid of it. As I mentioned, it can be incredibly expensive to replace all your products, so continue using up your favourites and then replace them once they run out with something that has more natural ingredients.

PHB Beautiful Skin Set Closed 2

Step 3 – Experiment:

Now comes the fun part – getting to try out new green beauty products! A great way of trying out a variety of different brands and products is to sign up to a monthly subscription box. I went with LoveLula after seeing a few unboxing videos of it. Whilst on the site I had a little look around and decided to also pick up PHB’s Beautiful Skin Cosmetics Set as it contained a foundation powder, blush, finishing powder and concealer, which would give me something to replace my current paraben containing products. Once I’ve had the chance to try it out for a bit I’ll have a review for you!

These few steps should help you get started on your toxic-free journey and this is what I’m doing to start to cut down on the toxic load my liver is dealing with. I’m also trying to support it by drinking lemon water first thing in the morning amongst other things – let me know if you want to know more about the steps I’m taking to heal my body.

These steps might not seem like they’d make a lot of difference, but if you can’t afford to switch all your products over at once this is a great start. It will also make you more aware of what you’re putting onto your skin and give you time to educate yourself on why certain ingredients aren’t so great too. For me I just know that if I try to do too much at once I will get completely overwhelmed and not be able to change anything. I’d rather start small and gradually add in more and more good stuff whilst slowly phasing out the not-so-good stuff. I’m also on a bit of a budget so can’t afford to buy all-the-things!

As I said, once I’ve tried out my new products I’ll give you a review as well as an unboxing of my first LoveLula box. Let me know if you have any recommendations for inexpensive non-toxic beauty products to try that are available in the UK. Please feel free to share your journey to a non-toxic life in the comments as I’m sure it will be helpful for others and we can all learn from each other.

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Love Jenna

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